Educate, Educate, Educate

There are several trails available to reach the peak of a mountain.  Some trails are safe and meandering while others are stringent and riskier.  Similar to trails up a mountainside, each estate plan is unique and has a variety of options to attain success.  Our greatest responsibility as your trail guide is to educate each individual, family and business regarding their available options or trails.  The best way to implement your plan is to be confident with your first step.  Educating you is paramount to your success and ours.

The Three Core Phases to every estate plan.


The Accumulation Phase of every plan begins with your first paycheck and continues throughout retirement.  The primary concern is, Will you save enough in order to maintain your lifestyle. 


The Preservation Phase is a primary focus during retirement.  Will your assets last as long as you need them.  Some primary concerns are; Saving enough, Long Term Care, Taxes, Caring for Parents and/or Children.


The primary goal of the Distribution Phase of any plan is to ensure that your beneficiaries receive their inheritance in a timely, tax efficient manner.


The reality is that these three phase are not easily separated. You Accumulate, Preserve and Distribute assets your entire life. Each phase has the underlying principle of protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Our Philosophy is to ensure that all three phases work harmoniously to provide to you and your loved ones safety and security when you need it the most.

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